Sheets Energy Strips Photos

Take a look at the photos from the Sheets brand energy strips promotion held at GNC at Bryant Park. DMC and the brand ambassadors did such an amazing job promoting this new product.

Also, be sure to watch the promo video here: Sheets Promo Video 


Sheets-248 Sheets-250 Sheets-87 Sheets-60 Sheets-74 Sheets-72 Sheets-58 Sheets-131 Sheets-139 Sheets-134 Sheets-45 Sheets-50 Sheets-44 Sheets-46 Sheets-156 Sheets-214 Sheets-210 Sheets-202 Sheets-236 Sheets-257 Sheets-109 Sheets Energy Strips - GNC -  DMC

















































































































































































































































































































A special thanks to all the vendors that made this event so great!
Videography: Chris Fig Productions
Photography: Robert Figueroa & Brandi Toole
Venue: GNC
Product: Sheets