Should you hire a wedding planner?


Planning a wedding is a huge and stressful task! So many decisions have to be made, and they are often very expensive decisions. Coordinating all the vendors, people, and small details can be very daunting, especially if you are unexperienced with planning such an enormous event (as most of us are). Hiring a wedding planner has become an easy solution to keep you sane during your wedding planning. Here are a few (there are so many) reasons why we think hiring a wedding planner is important:

How to choose your wedding videographer | Wedding Wednesdays


You’re getting married!! This is one of the most exciting times in your life, and one of the most stressful. Wedding planning is a difficult process. You have so many decisions that have to be made. Where will your wedding take place, will you have a DJ or a live band, how many invitations do you send?

We want to help make one of your decisions a little easier. Here are some steps we believe you should use when trying to choose a wedding videographer for your big day.

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