Should you hire a wedding planner?


Planning a wedding is a huge and stressful task! So many decisions have to be made, and they are often very expensive decisions. Coordinating all the vendors, people, and small details can be very daunting, especially if you are unexperienced with planning such an enormous event (as most of us are). Hiring a wedding planner has become an easy solution to keep you sane during your wedding planning. Here are a few (there are so many) reasons why we think hiring a wedding planner is important:

1. Stress: Everyone knows that planning a wedding is stressful. Why not let someone handle some of the responsibility, so you don’t have to? A planner will respond to vendors, coordinate meetings, and recommend trusted vendors for you to choose. Wedding days are full of things that don’t quite go as planned and a wedding planner will be there the day of to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

2. Budget: Even though wedding planners can be expensive, they do help keep your wedding budget in tact. It is easy to get excited about expensive shoes or flowers, but a wedding planner will be there to tell you what is in your price range. We will talk more about budget in the next point.

3. Vendor recommendations: We touched on this before, but a wedding planner works with many different wedding vendors. They have established relationships with the different people in the wedding industry and know what will work with your taste and budget. A wedding vendor is much more likely to negotiate price with a wedding planner that gives them repeat business.

4.Focus: We all know that Pinterest is everyone’s best friend when it comes to planning a wedding. A wedding planner can help narrow down all your different ideas and keep you from having a million DIY todo lists.

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. Let someone else help plan your day so you can sit back and enjoy!