Raw Footage: Quantity or Quality?

It is common for wedding videographers to get asked the question “How many minutes of Raw Footage will I be receiving with my package?” We want to help clear this question up and help brides and grooms know which questions they should be asking instead.

The amount of actual Raw-Footage will depend on the number of hours of video coverage.  At Chris Fig Productions, it is typical that a package with 6 hours of coverage will have 90 minutes of raw-footage and 10 hours of video coverage will typically have 150 minutes of raw footage.  Hearing these numbers is often surprising to many clients. “Why am I not getting 10 hours of Raw-Footage if I had 10 hours of coverage?” Here are a few examples of why you may not have the amount of raw-footage you are expecting:

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Wedding Videography Styles at a Crossroads: Hollywood Cinema Vs. Documentary Filmmaking


It can be difficult for engaged couples to navigate the sea of wedding videographers and find the best option to document their day. To simplify your decision, brides should know the two main categories of wedding videography: traditional documentary style and the contemporary, cinematic DSLR style.

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Wedding Video Recap – Sharon & Dermot

[stream flv=x:/chrisfig.com/Video_Uploads/Blog/2012-07-31-Sharon-Dermot-Wedding-Video-Recap-SD_Web.flv img=x:/chrisfig.com/Video_Uploads/Blog/2012-07-31-Sharon-Dermot-Wedding-Video-Recap-HD_Thumb.jpg hd=x:/chrisfig.com/Video_Uploads/Blog/2012-07-31-Sharon-Dermot-Wedding-Video-Recap-HD_Web.flv mp4=x:/chrisfig.com/Video_Uploads/Blog/2012-07-31-Sharon-Dermot-Wedding-Video-Recap-iPhone.mp4 embed=true share=true width=593 height=333 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false opfix=true /]

The wedding ceremony of Sharon and Dermot was held at the elegant Our Lady of the Rosary Church located in New York City.

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Valentine’s Day Wedding – Empire State Building

It’s an annual tradition for couples to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day atop the Empire State Building in New York City.  The event is sponsored by TheKnot.com which held an online contest late last year selecting the very best love story submissions.  In all, 14 couples won the opportunity and one of them was Lindenhurst, New York firefighters Sarah Carpino and George Callahan.

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