Wedding Video Recap – Sharon & Dermot

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The wedding ceremony of Sharon and Dermot was held at the elegant Our Lady of the Rosary Church located in New York City.

Although their reception was across the street at Battery Gardens Restaurant the couple decided to have the subway experience.

Despite the cold weather and a long journey from Ireland many family and friends showed up to celebrate their wedding, and many more loved ones were there in spirit.

A good friend of Sharon and Dermot shared a humorous story of how the couple initially broke up and despite his (somewhat) best efforts to keep them apart as they asked him to do, they simply could not stay away from each other.

Many spoke about Dermot’s musical passions but the true song in his life is Sharon with whom he will have a beautiful marriage. The crowd was jovial as they celebrated their adventure filled union.

New York City Wedding Videographer : Chris Fig Productions – 646.535.6185