Choosing A Photoshoot Location

A frequent question our clients ask us is “where is a great location for my wedding day photo shoot in Manhattan?” Whether a photo shoot is planned before or after the ceremony, figuring out a scenic yet convenient location in the city can be difficult.

The first word that comes mind when thinking about location is logistics. Where is your ceremony and reception venue(s)? The goal is to find a great place to take photos without creating a huge delay in the timeline of your day.

Dealing with Manhattan traffic poses a big obstacle for efficiency. Canal Street and Times Square are notoriously clogged with cars and can put a wrench in your plans. You want to pick a location that is easy to get in and out of and is fairly close to your ceremony and/or reception venues.

Our favorite location for wedding photoshoots is E.90th st and 5th Ave. also known as Engineers’ Gate in Central Park. It is scenic, conveniently located and optimal for an outdoor shoot.

Photographers are typically concerned about the position of the sun when shooting outdoors which changes throughout the day.

Getting a nicely lit shots of the newlyweds can be a challenge when dealing with the fickle sunlight. The benefit of this location is there is a long walkway that is completely shaded by trees. The shade creates a soft light which is very flattering on camera and everyone looks fabulous without being under or overexposed.

Another reason Engineers’ Gate is a prime location is that it is right next to the Jackie ONassis Reservoir creating a very scenic background for a shoot. You can create particularly stunning and unique shots by having the scenic elements of New York City, Central Park and a fantastic body of water all in one.

The last and most important reason this location is great is that it is less than 100 feet away from the entrance to the park.

Brides and grooms who decide to be photographed in Central Park typically select locations that are in the center of the park and only accesible by walking which takes as long as 15 minutes each way!

Your wedding day will be filled with excitement and you don’t want to make the day unneccesarily longer and more hectic by walking far into the park!

Engineers’ Gate is easily our favorite location because it is beautiful and timesaving with its shady walkway, body of water and the ability to hop in and out of the park without a long journey. It is a prime example of what you should look for when deciding where to have your photoshoot.

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