Shed the Weight and Share the Warmth

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We had the wonderful opportunity to document a special event at GNC in December.

One Warm Coat is a fantastic organization that collects coats to give to those people in need. At the event, held at the GNC in Bryant Park, One Warm coat received a generous donation from Hydoxycut’s SX-7 and GNC.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici from ABCTV’s “The Bachelor” were there to donate to the cause and launch the event “Shed the Weight and Share the Warmth”.  This was great event that introduced Hydroxycut’s SX-7 and raised the awareness for a great cause. We are so happy to work with such an amazing organization.

Don’t forget to tune in to catch the soon-to-married couple, Sean and Catherine, get married on January 26th on ABC.