Yankee Ticket Giveaway

Chris Fig Productions Yankee Ticket Giveaway

2 Complimentary Yankee Tickets

If you were a satisfied customer of Chris Fig Productions and would provide a video testimonial of your experience, you will receive (2) free tickets to the April 5, 2011 game of the New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins.  The tickets are located in the Terrace section, level 300.

To record the video testimonial, an appointment will be made to meet at Chris Fig Productions’s Manhattan or Larchmont office, or at your residence if you prefer. The testimonial recording will not take any longer than 20 minutes, after which you will be handed the (2) free tickets.

Please post a comment to this blog post if interested. Or you can email us at info@chrisfig.com. If you are interested but unavailable to attend the April 5th game, we will provide you with 2 free tickets to another Yankee game in April or May of the 2011 season.

Thank you for participating!

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  1. Vera Senese says:

    Dave and I are definitely interested in giving you a testimonial. We LOVE our video and are very satisfied customers. Vera

  2. Ruth Somoza-Petrocca says:

    Chris was extremely professional through the whole process. At our first meeting, my husband and I were convinced we would be working with someone that would take pride in our wedding video – something we would treasure for years to come. After the wedding we thought we would be waiting a long time for our video, as we had heard from many friends. As it turns out, we got our video, our parents’ videos within a month of being married! It was so great to re-capture the day.

    Thank you Chris!

    Ruth Somoza -Petrocca

  3. Ashley Conklin says:

    Although we loved our video and you guys did a great job, we won’t be able to get to Westchester or NYC in time to help you out. Nor do I think you want to trek out to the middle of Jersey.
    Good Luck with everything and thanks again!
    Ashley and Ian

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