Picking Up the Pieces: Why Is Video an Afterthought?

I recently witnessed a wedding in Hawaii where the couple invested in a beautiful ceremony, complete with a high end photographer who had a variety of lenses with which to capture gorgeous stills but for video they only had a friend record the ceremony on their phone.

At Chris Fig Productions we are frequently confronted with brides who realize only too late that the makeshift video they captured is not enough. They come to us in hope that we can turn it into a nice package for them. While we can certainly work with footage captured from an IPhone, there is only so much we can do with amateur video.

Last minute videotaping tends to have bad audio, an unsteady camera, and isn’t high quality. Before coming to videography professionals to pick up the pieces from last minute recording consider hiring a videographer from the start to capture crystal clear image and sound so you can piece together a great package from quality footage.

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