Planning Your Outdoor Ceremony: Always Have a Backup Plan

One of the challenges that presents itself to a bride who is planning an outdoor ceremony without the aid of a wedding planner is the fickle condition of the weather. It is important to keep in mind that a backup location is absolutely necessary.

Many brides decide to have an outdoor wedding for the beauty of the environment but it is difficult to find a nearby location indoors that can also possess the same aesthetic qualities of the outside landscape.

This is especially true for brides who want their ceremonies in Central Park. How does a bride deal with this? We have a few suggestions of venues in NYC that have an indoor space as a backup plan but maintain the outdoor view brides fall in love with.

If you are planning your ceremony in Central Park then the Central Park Boathouse is an excellent backup location because it still provides a view of the Central Park Lake should the weather turn on you.

Battery Gardens in Lower Manhattan is an absolute picturesque place to have your ceremony with The Statue of Liberty in the background. This venue does accommodate their upstairs reception room to serve as a backup location for an indoor ceremony should the need arise. This is particularly beneficial because the view still remains the same indoors and outdoors.

Lastly, the same is true for the 
Greentree County Club in New Rochelle, New York which sits on the Long Island Sound.

It is imperative to have a backup location for your outdoor ceremony. Nothing would be more frustrating than to not have a place to perform your ceremony if a hurricane or storm impacts your day after all the time and effort that went into planning. Hopefully these suggestions will benefit you so that in the event of inclement weather you are not stressed by the logistical challenges of accomodating your guests during your outdoor wedding.

Photos Courtesy of G.E. Masana, Greentree Country Club, Central Park

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