Wedding Video Recap | Sarah & Eric

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The wedding ceremony of Sarah and Eric was held at the magnificent Cadet Chapel located at West Point.

After the ceremony the newlyweds had their reception at the very honorable West Point Club.

Their best man, and Eric’s big brother ad-libbed his speech, jokingly referring to the time he and Sarah slept in at the family pig roast and how Eric got angry with them both. His expressed his bond with Eric that extended fully to Sarah and included their mutual love of sleep.

Sarah’s Maid of Honor highlighted many wonderful qualities of Sarah: calm, caring, cheerful, in a unique way through a collage of images. The page was left up during the reception for guests to paint their own pictures on.

She spoke of how Eric complimented Sarah so well and she supported their union. To emphasize this, she gave them a “love box” that was for them to open if they ever experienced trying times together.

It was clear how much the support of family and friends brought Sarah and Eric together and this was not only a union of two people but two families. The couple shared their mutual love with everyone during this fun and festive day.

New York Wedding Videographer : Chris Fig Productions – 646.535.6185

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