Time Management for Brides

Time Management for BridesThe most challenging aspect of any wedding for a vendor is time management. As a videographer it is important that we have enough time to document all the parts of your special day. We have some tips and questions for you to consider when you plan out your day.

One of the biggest questions to take into account is when to start. Typically a bride starts her day with hair, makeup, last moments with family and the bridal party and getting ready for the ceremony. When considering this, you want to make smart decisions regarding where you get ready. Some brides prefer to prepare at their home for sentimental reasons but if the ceremony location is an hour away then this may be unrealistic. A late limo, a closed roadway or even just traffic can delay your entire day considerably.

Make sure to plan ahead and prepare to avoid this!

Another aspect of the wedding you need to consider is when the photoshoot takes place, before or after the ceremony? In our experience, the best case scenario is to place the photoshoot before the ceremony. This is a good way to ensure the time gap between the ceremony and reception is not too large and you will get all the photos you need without being rushed.
When planning your wedding you should be aware of the location of the church or ceremony in relation to the reception site. Remember that you are coordinating transportation logistics not only for yourself but for all your guests as well! You want to make sure that it isn’t too difficult for your guests to move from Point A to Point B.

Lastly, we’ve learned from experience that it is best to get family photos prior to the reception. People usually regret attempting to get photos during the reception because once everyone begins drinking and celebrating it can be hard to gather the necessary people for a picture!

When it comes to photo and video we would recommend to start as early as possible and get it over with. This way you can ensure that what needs to be captured will be captured. Time can be easily mismanaged in the busy schedule of your wedding day but by taking care of these simple things you can be sure that your day runs smoothly and on time!

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