Welcome to the NEW ChrisFig.com!

Welcome to the NEW ChrisFig.com!

In 2005, we launched ChrisFig.com as a basic website to promote the company, and provide potential customers with information and services. However, we did not create a website with the future in mind and we were unable to make subtle changes without effecting the overall layout of the site.

As we all know, 5 years is a very long time in the technology world, and so much as happened in the development of websites. And so at the beginning of 2010, we began constructing a website that had the future in mind and that catered to our specific industry of video production. Chris Fig Productions creates about 5 hours of new content every week and we have thousands of hours of content in our archives. Unfortunately, we’ve never had a way to distribute this video content effectively to potential and current clients.

That has all changed with the launch of the new ChrisFig.com.

Our new site has been custom built to allow us the capability to encode and host ALL of our video content. Our current clients will be able to watch their entire video, regardless of length, on ChrisFig.com. Their dedicated video page will allow them to share their content with family and friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Lastly, we’ve built our new site to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO). What that means is, we’ve built our site so that we show high up in the rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and any other major search engine on the Internet. More and more clients find us via the Internet, and we certainly want to continue to grow using the Internet as a key source of revenue.

Please browse our site and explore the content we’re hosting. If you’re a current client, soon we will be launching the “Screening Room” which will have your video hosted online. If you’re a potential client, I encourage you to view our video samples, and contact us with any questions regarding your particular event or project.

Thank you all for visiting!